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655 Washington St.
Ashland, OR 97520
(541) 201-0090

Immediate Opening – Director of Operations


From the Wilderness Publications, Inc. of Ashland, OR has an immediate opening for Director of Operations at its corporate headquarters. From The Wilderness is an eight-year-old growing and influential internet-based and hardcopy monthly newsletter read in more than 40 countries, by 64 members of the US congress, government officials and professors and staff at universities around the world. We are a very in-your-face opponent of US government corruption and the corruption of both political parties. Republicans need not apply. Democrats will receive remedial training.

FTW is an Equal Opportunity Employer and we welcome all religions, ethnicities and sexes.

JOB DUTIES: include full oversight, management and responsibility for: downloading and processing daily web sales; shipping; cash flow management; accounts payable/receivable; bookkeeping and preparation of tax accounting for our corporate CPA; payroll; marketing; advertising (in collaboration with CEO); cash-flow management; financial analyses/projections; employee supervision and record keeping for an in-house staff of five plus an additional five writers in various parts of the country.

A strong plus would be experience in creating, implementing and managing a web-based, paid advertising program to accept advertisers on a site averaging 25,000 – 30,000 visitors per day. FTW will be very selective about which ads it will accept, regardless of potential income.

This is a career position and will lead to profit sharing, stock options and future promotions. The successful candidate will work as a junior partner with CEO, Michael C. Ruppert and will be responsible for company operations while Ruppert is on the road making public appearances.

This is a position for a mature individual with strong leadership abilities, solid experience and a vision of how to grow an already established company.

COMPENSATION: Starting salary of $800 per week; 1% of gross sales after six months and stock bonuses after one year. (FTW is not and will never be publicly traded.)

Minimum requirements:  Bachelor’s degree in related field, plus verifiable experience in small business management, including bookkeeping, human resources and record keeping. Excellent verbal and written communication skills are a must. The ideal candidate will have prior, verifiable management experience, good references, will have read Crossing the Rubicon and be familiar with FTW’s eight years of hard investigative journalism.

The person selected for this position must be willing to undergo a background investigation and to sign appropriate non-disclosure agreements.

Respond in confidence to or drop your resume off at 655 Washington Street, Ashland, OR. We must fill this position immediately so please do not respond if you are not competent in the areas listed above.