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America in Crisis


Cynthia McKinney (D), the five-term incumbent Democratic Congresswoman from Georgia who has been an outspoken champion of human rights, critical of vested interests in both parties, is facing the toughest challenge of a political career that has been characterized by her willingness to speak her mind when her conscience dictates. Recently McKinney was savaged by politicians and the mainstream media for asking questions about the attacks of last September 11th that were proven, just weeks later, to have been extremely well founded.

Now it appears that those who will do anything to prevent full and open investigations of the tragedy intended to make an object lesson out of McKinney. Ask tough questions and your head will be hung on the Tower of London as an example. That's the message they intend to send to American voters.

The life-and-death challenge this time is not from a Republican opponent but from a very well-funded Democratic Party challenger named Denise Majette, an African American judge who is trying to unseat McKinney before this fall's midterm elections. If Majette wins the August 20 primary, based upon her stated political positions, McKinney will be replaced by someone who could care less about answering the important questions about 9/11, challenging globalization or questioning US military operations that benefit only the nation's wealthiest interests. Majette will be more interested in pork spending for the district at the expense of the health of the entire nation and that ultimately means that residents of the district will suffer too as the economic chickens come home to roost.

Whether she likes it or not, Cynthia McKinney has become symbolic for all of us in America; a symbol of integrity, courage, strength and vision. She needs our help.

I am routinely asked after each of my lectures, "What can we do to change the criminal behavior, corruption and tyranny that is eating away at heart and soul of the nation since 9/11?"

Now one clear answer has emerged among many others: Help Cynthia McKinney!

McKinney's re-election will send an unmistakable message to Washington that no congressional district benefits if the nation forgets its values; that courage and honesty are behaviors that the American people are capable of rewarding and protecting; and that heavy-handed politics is not something to be feared.

In the 1960s the Freedom Riders and courageous heroes from all over the country traveled to the South because that's where they knew the battle was being fought for the soul of the nation. Then, the cause was civil rights. Today the cause is freedom from the oppression of big corporate interests, corruption and open oppression by a regime whose interests are served by an administration that was not elected and by political interests that do not represent the people.

Cynthia McKinney needs:

  • People She Can Trust to come to GA to volunteer.
  • Campaign contributions.
  • People can donate online at
  • Letters to the editors of mainstream and local DeKalb County newspapers and the Atlanta Journal Constitution which has been one of her fiercest corporate opponents.

This is the first real battle in the war for the restoration of accountability, honesty and freedom after September 11th. Cynthia McKinney has become our champion, our Braveheart, and a symbolic challenge that may well prove true the words of Alexis de Tocqueville who wrote, "People get the kind of government they deserve."

And I would add, "Or are willing to fight for."

Michael C. Ruppert
"From The Wilderness"

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